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Professional Development

RFANS provides recreation facility personnel with professional development opportunities through training seminars in arena operations, pool operations, and athletic field maintenance. These courses and seminars are held at various times throughout the year and at various locations around the province.

Membership in RFANS allows for a 25 to 30% rate reduction for all training seminars and the Annual Conference and Trade Show. The Annual Conference provides recreation facility personnel with a forum for discussion of issues relating to facility operations.

This event brings together facility personnel from across the Atlantic Provinces, individuals or companies who supply products and services to recreation facilities and technical experts to exchange information and knowledge leading to more efficient and effective recreation facilities.

The Annual Conference hosts an Industry Trade Show which features manufacturers of products and equipment related to recreation facility operation. Membership in RFANS allows for a 25 to 30% rate reduction for attendance at the conference and trade show.


RFANS produces and distributes ‘Facility Focus’ to all members of the Association and recreation facilities throughout the Atlantic Provinces and across Canada. This publication provides members with information on recreation facility operations, innovative ideas and issues affecting facility personnel.

‘Facility Focus’ serves as a regular forum for exchange of information among recreation facility personnel and experts in various fields relating to the operation of recreation facilities.

Atlantic Recreation Facility Directory

RFANS compiles, produces and distributes the most complete and up-to-date Atlantic Recreation Facility Directory to all its members to encourage communication and member interaction.

This directory is arranged by region and identifies facilities, contact name, address and phone number of recreation facilities in the four Atlantic Provinces. The directory is updated annually to provide current member listings.

Programs and Resources

RFANS offers a number of programs and services to its members. RFANS recently published a booklet called ‘Air Quality Guidelines for Arenas in Nova Scotia’. This document has received national recognition and its recommended levels of exposure have been accepted nationally by the Canadian Recreation Facility Council.

RFANS has developed a Fair Play Facility Program and a Risk Management Program in conjunction with the provincial 3M Fair and Safe Play Committee. RFANS also distributed Safety Signs to all arenas in Nova Scotia to promote patron safety through the use of protective equipment.

RFANS produced an information booklet entitled ‘Safety Supervision Guidelines for Public Swimming Pools in Nova Scotia’ that it makes available to all pools and pool personnel in the province.

These are only a few of the programs and resources that RFANS provides to its members and recreation facilities in Nova Scotia. Through a constant evaluation of its programs and resources, RFANS is better able to serve its membership through the development of new or additional programs and resources.

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