Clarification on sport & cultural activity limit increase

Updated October 15th, 2020

See our FACT SHEET & FAQ’s on the Gathering Limit Increase for Participants in Sport and Performing Arts 

Summary from the September 22nd Press Conference – Sport & Cultural Activity Limit Increase 

  • Announced on Friday, September 18, gathering limits for sport and cultural activities will increase to 50 without physical distancing as of October 1st.
  • This gathering limit increase applies to practises, competitions, recreation leagues (including groups who rent on a regular basis and have consistent participants) and organized physical activity, like open swims and skates
  • Unorganized or casual games, that are more social in nature, like pickup basketball or soccer in the park, must adhere to existing gathering rules of small groups of 10 without physical distancing within a maximum of 50 with physical distancing.
  • This increase does not change the gathering limits for spectators, which remains at 50 % capacity of a facility to a maximum of 200 indoors and up to 250 outdoors if the event is organized by a recognized business or organization. If it is not, the maximum number of any gathering is 50.
  • This increase is specifically for those participating in play or required to be there to support play (officials, coaches, medical personnel, etc).
  • Reminder that each facility is unique with different sizes and capacities and have their own reopening plans with rules in place. Contact the facility directing to understand what rules they have in place.
  • Exclusions to this increase include: singing and playing brass and wind instruments who should continue to gather in groups of 10 and physical in larger groups
  • Fitness and yoga programs and facilities continue to have their own guidelines

The hope for the limit increase is that it will allow competition play to resume for most sports, and rehearsals and arts performances as well, so more people can get out and be active doing the things they love.

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