RFANS to Launch Anti-Racism Declaration

November 1st, 2022


Our country has a legacy of Racism and Discrimination. This legacy has become entrenched in our systems, institutions, our beliefs and behaviours. “Show up So You Can Speak up” by taking action – be an ally, use your voice and help create change in recreation facilities.


During NS Sport and Recreation Anti-Racism Week, Nov 14-18th, RFANS will declare its support of Anti-Racism and Discrimination in recreation facilities by providing a declaration to recreation facilities. This declaration, in the form of a decal, can be secured to the glass in a penalty box or to a wall in your facility, and should be made visible.


We encourage sports teams to read it, or have it played through the audio system, prior to competitive play during this week. You can find the audio file on our website www.rfans.com under Resources as of November 7th, 2022.

This initiative will require the support of our facilities managers/operators to place the decal where it can be read before a game or competition and will require the support of our sport organizations and associations to participate.

Please email rfans@sportnovascotia.ca or call 902-870-7634 if you have questions or you want to participate.

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