Doug Moore Scholarship

Doug Moore
Doug Moore was the late founder of Jet Ice Limited and the Chief Engineer at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto for thirty years. He was a hands-on person who understood the specific day to day needs of facility operators. During his forty years of service in the arena industry, Doug developed ice making concepts and theories that are recognized and accepted as standard practices in our facilities today. He willingly and diligently shared his practical knowledge through hands on training and elevated the position of ice maker to the respectable level of professionalism it enjoys today.

General Scholarship Information
Each scholarship recipient is eligible to receive expenses for registration to any course leading towards a professional ice maker’s designation and associated costs such as transportation, accommodation and meals up to a $1,000 total.

NOTE: Scholarships must be accepted as awarded, and are nontransferable or redeemable for cash.

Each scholarship recipient will receive:
1. Course registration: Any course leading towards a professional ice maker’s designation
2. Transportation: Gas allowance, return airfare or train tickets (economy class)
3. Accommodations: Up to five nights room and board at on-campus housing with a parking pass
4. Meals: A per diem of $25 for the duration of the course (not to exceed 5 days)

To qualify for consideration, a scholarship candidate must:
1. Currently work full time in the field of recreation or be attending a post secondary institution in a
related discipline
2. Demonstrate commitment, a desire to learn, and to actively participate in their ongoing
professional development with the arena industry

NOTE: The scholarship must be accepted as awarded, and is not transferable or redeemable for cash.

Submission Requirements:
Scholarship applications must include the following information:
1. Name of applicant
2. Name of employer
3. Employer’s address, telephone and email address
4. List all professional development courses you have attended
5. A written submission identifying why the person selected is deserving of the scholarship

The deadline for Nova Scotia applications changes annually. Check with the RFANS office for this years deadline submission by calling 902-425-5450 ext 330.

Please contact RFANS, RNB or RPEI to determine deadlines for submissions in your province.

Already registered? If you are awarded a scholarship and you have already registered, your registration fee will be refunded.

Sponsored by:
The International Icemakers Society in conjunction with Jet Ice Limited is pleased to offer this scholarship. The International Icemakers Society supports professional development within the ice making community and would like to assist candidates in achieving their personal and professional goals. The courses should represent leading edge, industry-related learning opportunities that prepare practitioners for the ever changing world of professional ice making.